The general attitude regarding family life and children is very positive in Iceland. The state provides thorough and systematic health care for young children, as well as excellent health care for families and individuals. 

There are numerous possibilities of things to do in Eyjafjordur. There is a golf course with 18 holes, located in Akureyri, where the Artic Open competition is hosted. Also Eyjafjordur is one of the best places to go skiing in Iceland. There are three skiing centers located in Eyjafjordur; in Akureyri, Dalvik and Siglufjordur. There are various great swimming pools located in the area, where access is inexpensive and open all-year.

The possibilities are endless. You can go skating, to the movies, fishing, horse riding, to the theater or just go take a walk in Kjarnaskogur. See more about activities in Akureyri on