Road transportation in Eyjafjordur is very good. Akureyri has an international airport only 3 km away from Akureyri city centre.

Domestic flights between Akureyri and the capital region are up to 12 times a day.  Akureyri airport is also the centre for ambulance flights in Iceland and for the east coast of Greenland.  International flights are mostly charter flights, but quite some effort is being made to get scheduled flights in and out of the region.

Eyjafjordur is serviced by numerous harbours, the biggest one being in Akureyri. The future harbour site of Eyjafjordur, Dysnes, is currently undergoing planning stages for a major industrial area with excellent harbour facilities associated with the harbour.   The major shipping comnpanies in Iceland have scheduled trips to and from the area.

Akureyri is located on road 1, the highway that encircles Iceland. Access to Reykjavík by car is along a 390 km paved road. The route is mainly on lowland and is open all year round.