All public services offered in Iceland are available within the Akureyri region. Education is provided at all levels. There are three upper secondary schools with more than 2000 students and a University with approx. 1500 students. This delivers well educated workforce to the labour market. Akureyri Hospital is the second largest hospital in Iceland. Defined as a high tech hospital it has state of the art surgeries, intensive care and emergency service to respond to accidents and emergencies.  It is poised to become Iceland´s first and only internationally accredited hospital in 2015.

All general services to the economy are available in the subject region. Most basic services can be found in the near region although the companies may be small and service capacity limited in some cases.

Available in the region are:

  • All major engineering firms in Iceland
  • Architects and interior architects 
  • Construction companies and contractors
  • Accounting and auditing services 
  • Law practices
  • IT companies
  • Banks and financial consultancies
  • Management consultancy firms
  • Miscellaneous stores